There are plenty of fastpitch bats that come out every year from various popular softball brands. But, very few are more popular than the Easton Ghost and Louisville Slugger’s most popular bat, the LXT.

Choosing between these two can be difficult and time-consuming because both have a lot of advantages.
So, to make that easier for you, we have tested both of them for about a week and have made this comparison to make it easier for you to choose between these two great fastpitch bats.

Let’s get into it.

Easton Ghost Fastpitch Bat

Easton Ghost – Short Overview

The Ghost is Easton’s best bat. It features a double-barrel and along with few other technologies that it has, the Ghost makes for a great bat for power hitters.

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Louisville Slugger LXT Softball Bat 2021 model

Louisville Slugger LXT – Short Overview

Arguably the most popular fastpitch bat in the world, the LXT got even better this year. It is fast, very light, and when you make contact, it provides you with a great feel.

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These two bats have vastly different construction but both are competing in the fields of quality, pop, and lightweight feel.

We will explain all of this in detail.

Easton Ghost Construction

Easton Ghost uses a barrel construction that Easton makes, and that is a double-barrel construction. That construction gives the player a lot of pop and an incredible sound when you connect with a softball.

Now, what connects the barrel and the handle is the “2-piece CONNEXION+ Technology”, which is a technology that Easton has developed that has a nitrocell foam in it, all of which should give this connection among the handle and barrel a lighter feeling.

Along with those technologies, it has an ultra-thin handle that gives you a lot of comfort while hitting.

2021 Easton Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch Softball Bat
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Louisville Slugger Construction

Louisville Slugger LXT has been one of the lightest fastpitch bats years back, and obviously, its construction should take credit for it.

The new 2021 LXT features a three-piece composite construction. The barrel has a single disc PBF technology that gives this bat a huge sweet spot and fantastic pop right out of the wrapper.

The technology that is used in the connection between the barrel and the handle is something really cool. It is called the “Vibration Control Connection System” (VCX2) and it has been used on a last year’s model but this year it has been updated for even better performance. The VCX2 gives that connection between the barrel and handle an independent movement, giving it a better feel and better-controlled vibration on mishits.

The new feature is the end cap, called the COPA end cap, which gives you a bigger sweet spot.

Louisville Slugger LXT 2021 Fastpitch Bat
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Now, this is the part that is the most important and a part that everyone is most interested in, how a fastpitch bat performs.

Let’s start with the end-loaded, power fastpitch bat, the Ghost.

It is an absolute dream to hit with it if you are a power hitter. The Ghost has that heavier swing feel that power hitters like and for many of them the Ghost is the favorite bat. If you are a power hitter, you can’t get much better than the new Ghost because when you connect, that softball can go a long way. For contact hitters, the Easton Ghost may not be an ideal bat because of those facts.

Moving on to the new LXT.

The Louisville Slugger LXT is a balanced bat that is an amazing option for contact hitters as it provides you with a big sweet spot and a light swinging feel.
It is just so much fun to hit with the LXT.
If you are a contact hitter, we would recommend you choose a drop 10 or maybe a drop 11 as those are the best options for contact hitters in our opinion.


Both bats fall in the elite category when speaking of fastpitch bats. However, the Ghost can have a durability problem, as it tends to crack after a while, but that wasn’t the case when we were testing it. If it doesn’t crack, it is one of the best bats on the market, a dream bat for power hitters.

On the other side, the LXT, a bat that has legendary status is a bat that is made more for contact hitters, and, as it too can have durability issues, those are not as serious as the Ghosts.