Mizuno F21 PWR CRBN Review

Mizuno is one of the premier sports brands in the world, and they produce some high-performance fastpitch bats. The f21 PWR CRBN is probably their most popular bat, and also the most technologically advanced one. While it maybe isn’t popular as bats from Louisville Slugger, Easton, or DeMarini, the Mizuno F21 PWR CRBN is one hell of a fastpitch bat.

It has a ton of features that make it able to compete with the likes of brands that we’ve previously mentioned and it can do that quite well. It also has a slightly lower price than most high-end fastpitch bats, which makes it even more of an attractive option.

Is it the right bat for you? Let’s look into how good the F21 PWR CRBN is and if it’s for you.

Features and construction

The Mizuno F21 PWN CRBN is a 2 piece composite bat, like many other fastpitch bats in this price range. Undoubtfully, one of the main features of this softball bat is the Dual Frequency Dampener which is found in the middle of the bat, and has the purpose of reducing vibration as much as it can, and also in reducing the flex. We don’t need to mention how important it is to feel as little vibration as possible on mishits.

Most popular Mizuno fastpitch bat

The 2021 version of the PWR CRBN, the Mizuno F21 PWR CRBN is a serious bat with tremendous exit speeds. It’s also hot right out of the wrapper and has a ton of pop.

The next big feature is the Black Onyx Carbon barrel, and further than having the cool name, its main objective is giving the bat durability. The Mizuno F21 PWN CRBN has an absolutely new technology called the Detonator Cor. Its responsibility is providing the bat with power and that makes it compete with bats designed for power hitters like the Easton Ghost and DeMarini FNX. That new technology also results in lower barrel compression.

The grip on the F21 PWN CRBN is amazing; it’s called the Speed Helix grip and it allows you to have a better feel and comfort. The Mizuno F21 PWN CRBN is ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and WBSC/ISF approved and it comes in three drops: -9, -10, and -11. For those who need more bat speed, the -11 drop is recommended, and for those who are stronger players, our suggestion is to go for the -9 drop.

Black Onyx Carbon Barrel
Dual Frequency Dampener
Speed Helix Grip
2-piece Composite Bat


Louisville Slugger LXT 2022

The Mizuno F21 PWN CRBN is one of those bats that just have a ton of pop right out of the wrapper. That is one of its strongest points, alongside its exit speeds. The last two versions were one of the best in that category, and the F21 PWN just continues that. It does have a balanced swing weight, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used by power hitters.

The Dual Frequency Dampener really does a great job in removing the vibrations you can feel when you mishit the ball, and also the pop that this bat has is up there with the best of them. So, for those that like the bats that have a ton of pop and with little break-in periods, the Mizuno F21 PWN CRBN should definitely be on their radar.

Power 94
Pop 98
Sound 94
Sweet Spot Hits 93
Durability 92


The previous two versions of the PWR CRBN had a similar design, but a different colorway. The 2021 version has a white-purple colorway; with the purple kind of changing when you expose it to a certain level of light. From the design standpoint, it’s a quite simple and elegant design, with no features that will scream “Look at me!”. We are quite fond of the design and colorways of the PWR CRBN series of bats, and the F21 is no different.

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Rating and conclusion

Mizuno did a tremendous job with the F21 PRN CRBN. While the bat may not be for everyone, it does have some features that make it eligible for competition with the much more known bats. The pop, sound, and durability are amazing, and in terms of hottest bats right out of the wrapper, it’s second to none.