Softball Bats Top Brands and Latest Picks

Picking the right bat is one of the most important decisions in the game of fastpitch softball. Our constantly updated list of the latest and the most popular fastpitch bats will help you decide. Browse through our reviews and find out everything you need to know to choose the bat that is correct size, weight, length, and stays within your price range.

Louisville Slugger LXT vs Louisville Slugger Meta – 2022 Comparison

When you think about Louisville Slugger's lineup of fastpitch bats, chances are that the first bat that will come to mind is the LXT, and rightfully so. It's their most popular fastpitch bat and the one that has been upgraded year over year. But, for the new season, Louisville Slugger has introduced a brand [...]

2022 DeMarini Spryte Review – DeMarini’s Best Bat For Youth Players

Along with the new high-end fastpitch bats that DeMarini released for the 2022 season, we also see the release of the newest version of their best bat for the youth players, the DeMarini Spryte. This comes as a very pleasant surprise because we haven't seen the Spryte for the 2021 season. The last model [...]

Louisville Slugger Meta vs DeMarini CF – 2022 Comparison

Louisville Slugger Meta and DeMarini CF are some of the best bats for the 2022 season. They are both high-performance fastpitch bats and both come in -10, -9, and -8 drops and the CF comes in a -11 drop as well. Both of them are easy-swinging bats and can be used by both contact [...]

Easton Ghost Advanced Review – One of the hottest bats!

As we said many times, the Easton Ghost is one of the most popular bats, and surely the best bat for power hitters. So, Easton has decided to make the advanced version of it, called the Easton Ghost Advanced, which promises a bigger sweet spot and a lighter barrel. There are some technologies that [...]

2022 Louisville Slugger Nexus Review – A Fantastic Bat For Youth Players

The 2022 Nexus is Louisville Slugger's take on creating the perfect fastpitch softball bat for youth players. It's a brand new bat that features a ton of technologically advanced features that are aimed to help to bring out the best in any youth player. With its balanced swing weight, it's designed to be a great option [...]

Louisville Slugger Meta vs Easton Ghost – Comparison

Two powerhouses of fastpitch bats come head to head in this fastpitch bats comparison - Louisville Slugger Meta and the Easton Ghost. Both of them are high-performance bats, both of them have a ton of features and both of them are very popular. But, which one will suit your playing style better? Which one [...]

Mizuno F21 PWR CRBN Review – The Best Mizuno Fastpitch Bat

Mizuno is one of the premier sports brands in the world, and they produce some high-performance fastpitch bats. The f21 PWR CRBN is probably their most popular bat, and also the most technologically advanced one. While it maybe isn't popular as bats from Louisville Slugger, Easton, or DeMarini, the Mizuno F21 PWR CRBN is [...]

2022 Louisville Slugger Xeno Review – The Xeno Is Back!

Probably the most famous bat in the fastpitch world for players who prefer a stiffer feel, the Louisville Slugger Xeno is back and updated for the new, 2022 season. And, wow, what a good-looking bat the new Xeno is. But, did anything change on the inside as it did on the outside of the [...]

DeMarini CF 2022 Review – Still The Undisputed King Of Light-Swinging Bats

Last year's DeMarini CF was the best light-swinging fastpitch bat. For the upcoming season, DeMarini has equipped the new CF with some amazing and new technologies that look to make the CF even better. Is it true, however? Is the DeMarini CF still the king of light-swinging bats? Is it that much better than [...]

Louisville Slugger LXT 2022 Review – The Return Of The LXT

It's finally here. The newest addition to the mega-popular lineup of high-end fastpitch bats, the Louisville Slugger LXT 2022. The new LXT has a lot of technologies that have been around for a while in the Louisville Slugger LXT models and a great connection piece. The design and colorway have dramatically changed compared to the [...]

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